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We craft solutions.

Founded in 1911, our mission is to provide viable solutions for manufacturing challenges melding old-world craftsmanship with modern technology. Our employees are some of the most skilled in the industry and that experience is our single largest asset. We work to meet our customers’ needs with versatility, speed and accuracy employing a variety of both manual and CNC (programmable automated) machining.

>> Turning
Capabilities from 1/16” to 32” diameter on our manual lathes, lengths to 180”. Capacities to 40” diameter and 10-foot length on CNC lathes. On smaller 9" diameter, length is nearly unlimited.

>> Milling
Three manual milling machines and one manual horizontal boring mill, all fully equipped to meet your needs. Three CNC milling machines with 4th axis, one CNC horizontal boring mill with 5th axis contouring and a CNC-controlled facing head.

>> Grinding
Surface grinding to 24” x 12” and cylindrical grinding to 24” diameter, length of 120”. Crankshaft grinding also available.

>> Welding & Fabrication
Welding capabilities include stick, TIG, MIG, brazing and silver soldering. Fabrication of complex assemblies from steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, bronze and copper. Repair/build-up on virtually any type of part, whether tiny or immovable in size. Any process can be performed at our shop or in the field.

>> Press Rebuilding
We specialize in rebuilding, repairing and retrofitting most types of metal stamping and forging equipment including, but not limited to, presses, press brakes, shears, feeders, de-coilers and roll formers. Repair and retrofitting of clutches, brakes and supply crankshafts. Supply of new bearings, rework and scrape of ram slides. Complete gear changes and drive redesigns. Teardown and assembly can be performed in our shop or onsite with minimum downtime.

>> Custom Design & Fabrication
Our team can take your idea from concept to operation (or any level in between). We stand ready to assist your engineering department with ideas and finished assemblies. We can modify an existing machine to perform to your needs with gains in production, maintenance and safety.

>> Onsite Machining
Virtually any machining operation can be performed at our shop or in the field – a very cost-effective option in many cases.

>> Coatings & Cutting
We offer a full line of thermal-sprayed coatings and the most cutting-edge wear and non-stick coatings available. We can provide laser and water-jet cutting, heavy forming, forgings and special materials.

Materials we commonly work with include varying types of mild steel, stainless steel, tool steel, aluminum, bronze and UHMW.

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